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Founded in 1905 as the first exclusively industrial city in the Southwestern United States the City of Vernon is an industrial city of 5.2 square miles located several miles to the southeast of Downtown Los Angeles in Southern California. Vernon currently houses more than 1,800 businesses that employ approximately 50,000 people, serving as a vital economic engine in the region. Vernon maintains strong philanthropic ties with the neighboring communities where much of its workforce lives, providing significant financial support for public services including health care and education.

The Vernon CommUNITY Fund (VCF) contributes to the health, well-being and quality of life in surrounding communities. The Fund is administered by a diverse group of appointed volunteers serving as the Grant Committee. On a semi-annual basis, this board reviews and approves applications from community and faith-based organizations, local governments, and high school seniors seeking higher education who apply for the VCF Scholarship.

VCF Mission:
The Vernon CommUNITY Fund provides grants to community-based organizations, governmental agencies, and students in support of efforts to improve quality of life, strengthen families and affirm Vernon’s ties with neighboring communities in pursuit of bright futures.


Getting Started
If you are an authorized representative of an organization that meets the specified eligibility requirements, you may visit the VCF application page for further information regarding the grant application process.

Scholarship Fund
If you are a high school senior that meets the specified eligibility requirements, please visit the VCF Scholarships web page for additional information and access to the application. Please feel free to contact us at: with any additional questions you may have about the VCF grant application.

The Vernon CommUNITY Fund (VCF) is pleased to announce the availability of funds for fiscal year 2023 - 2024. Potential applicants are encouraged to apply for general grants before the deadline of December 15, 2023.

View the Notice of Fund Availability